Monday, January 26, 2009

Jedi Mind Tricks.

The Force Trainer

Here's a pretty dope gadget I ran across. The Force Trainer. It's a toy that simply requires the user to strap a wireless brainwave analyzer around their head and then to concentrate their thoughts on raising a ping-pong ball up a 10in vertical tube. The harder you concentrate, the faster a fan in the gadget’s base spins, which pushes the ball upwards.

It’s been designed by US toy firm Uncle Milton Industries and, although it lacks the technical prowess of Emotiv Systems’ Epoc neuroheadset, The Force Trainer sounds remarkably similar to Mattel’s MindFlex game – seen at CES last week.

The Force Trainer is expected to find its way into shops later this year for around $100

Check out the full story here.

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