Monday, January 26, 2009

Insomniac Repentance.

Ok...So I recant the statement I made in the first post about blogging everyday. Sad...Yes I know!!! I put that first post up on Friday and here it is Monday and I haven't posted anything since. my defense I have to let you know that I wasn't home for two days and I was without internet. Excuses, excuses...I know, I know!!! A friend of mine was nursing me back to health at her lovely abode. I had a pretty nasty cold and she helped me get better. Thank you so much sweetheart. Your hospitality is greatly appreciated. Well I'm back home now and I'm back to my old INSOMNIAC ways. Oh yeah, if you haven't noticed already... this was posted MAD early in the morning. What can I say??? I have INSOMNIA!!! Anyway...I thought I'd let everyone out there in the matrix know what's up. This is a new blog so I don't expect many people to be following my blog yet. It's not much to begin with anyway. It's just my emotional rants blogged into the Matrix for the world to judge. Well I'm going to end this and post something worth reading and looking over. Because truthfully...You probably lost a brain cell or two reading this bull-$#!+. LOL.

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