Monday, February 16, 2009

lets get close.

this is another classic example of one of those very good movies that was introduced to you by a friend, and you made the leap of faith and chose to watch. this movie was introduced to me, some years ago. upon listening to the new Blu. mixtape, and hearing some snippets from this very movie, i chose to dust off the DVD (that i borrowed from Chris and have failed to give back YEARS LATER -- sorry bruh!) and pop it in.

to my surprise, Saalik hadn't seen the movie, so it was his first time seeing it as well. needless to say, he enjoyed the movie, much how i did when i first watched it.

"Closer" starring Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Jude Law, Julia Roberts monstrous top lip. . .and Julia Roberts, too.

based on a play, this story of love (and women) and how it (they) can completely FUCK ALL SORTS OF SHIT UP, is a masterpiece in our eyes. full of deceit, lies, sexual innuendos, plot twists and English humor -- this movie is good for any occasion and we recommend that you watch it sooner than later if you have yet to do so.

below is the trailer.

now go find it.


  1. Hey M . you jerk . . . FUCK YOUUUUU!!!
    i've been looking for this movie forEVER and now i know where it is!
    and what makes it fucking worse is that you JUST NOW watched it!!
    i fuckin love this movie!
    what a goon!

  2. no, no, no!

    i've seen it PLENTY of times prior to this post.

    &i'll mail it to the boiling.

    -m .

  3. and send some stickers or thIIIrd stuff that i can try to post around campus..