Saturday, February 7, 2009

happy 35th.

I remember when I was introduced to J Dilla some years ago, and much like everyone else, his music has somehow, someway, in some form or fashion changed my life.

I cannot listen to music the same way I once did, prior to hearing Jay Dee. i've become some analytical towards music, towards beats and towards sounds in general because when I listen to anything, I always hear a little bit of Dilla in it, oddly. no matter what type of music, if it's hip-hop, i hear his influence, if it's oldies i hear a potential sample, if it's anything, and i mean ANYTHING the first thing that comes into my mind is how he would have done it or already has.

"He can do a Primo beat better than Premier. He can do a Dre beat better than Dre, and he can out-rock Pete Rock," says fellow Detroit producer House Shoes. "But none of them could duplicate a Dilla beat. Much respect to those three. They were pioneers. But that's the fucking truth."

Growing up, you always wonder about how you'll be remembered once you're gone and if you'll truly "live forever" -- well, James Dewitt Yancey has done just that with, the unmatched quality of music he has left for our ears pleasure.

back i go into listening to dilla for the remainder of the day, and if by some divine miracle (or lack thereof) you have yet to hear anything from this brilliant mind, go:


-m .

from thIIIrd, rest in peace&beats dil.
gone but never forgotten.

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