Saturday, February 21, 2009

gossip folks.

so, this picture has been revealed -- thanks to TMZ and $62,500.

apparently all of the speculations are starting to look like true facts -- Christopher Maurice Brown may just have a problem keeping his hands to himself. i'm no relationship counselor or psychiatrist, so i'm in no position to state my opinion on the matter.

but i will anyway, because i like to speak my mind.

how i see it is like this, in most cases putting your hands on a female is never kosher UNLESS it's a life or death situation. or something of that nature. even for chicks that deserve to get the brakes beat off them. . .and trust me, they are out there. but i doubt this was anything like the aforementioned, but hey, you never know, i'm sure you've heard all of the possible reasons as to why this situation happened. nobody really knows why this shit went down, except for chris&rihanna. everything other than that is hearsay. but now i understand why nobody was supporting homie when this shit went public. everyone had rihanna's back, and it's evident to me now.

Mr. Brown will now be part of history, congratulations, son. good luck with this one blowing over.

this just goes to show you that you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

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