Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ouija Board Art

I'm not very fond of Ouija Boards. For the simple fact of what they represent and the soul purpose of them being created. Haha get it? "Soul purpose!" Anyway, as a child my mother told me a story of my cousin not taking the game seriously and fooling around with one. After weird things started happening she took the Ouija Board and burned it. Now I've heard a few theory's on why you shouldn't burn a Ouija Board. The theory that stands out most in my mind is the fact it'll bring you bad luck. Now maybe it's a coincidence, but if you knew my cousin and the life she's had to live since burning that thing... You'd have to agree with whomever came up with that conclusion.

Now as an artist I had to tip my hat to the creator (Kid Acne) of these Ouija Boards. I love creating art on wood. There's something about the wood grain background that brings whatever you create on it to life.

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