Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mystery Meat for the Hip Hop Elite - Mos Def

This has to be the dopest dissection of an album I've heard thus far. Peep how Professor Mos dissects this album.

Yo as an MC myself I have to say it makes me proud to see one of my favorite MC's big'n up another DOPE MC. And not only does Mos big him up but he knows his rhymes line for line. I mean damn!!! This is why MC's like Mos stay dope. Because they study their craft. Unlike some rappers I know... *cough* Lil Wayne.

Peep when he's explaining the rhyme about Lil Wayne and male strippers how Lil Waynes picture pops up on the screen in the background. LMFAO!!!

Need I say more.


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