Saturday, April 4, 2009

i know, i know.

yes, it has been a week since the blog has been last updated.

i'd love to sit here and make excuses as to why there has been little to no action going on, but i'll spare you, because honestly, there is no reason and/or excuse for such fuckery.

all i will say is this, when you lack:


it ultimately leads to this guy right here, who has been my worst friend since i can remember:

but alas, for i have had an epiphany of sorts. i'm sure everyone's parents have said the infamous, "your life is what you make of it" line hundreds upon hundreds of times -- but there's nothing but truth in that statement.

as of late, i have fallen victim to contentment and there's nothing to smile, laugh or giggle about when it comes to that. things aren't where they need to be in terms of our lives as well as thIIIrd.

i've realized this blog has turned from an informative source pertaining to the launch of our brand to a random, roundabout, run of the mill blog that you can stumble upon anywhere. we've lost touch in terms of what our initial goal was when we started this thing.

that needs to change.

&it will.

the pages have once again caught pace, so things are looking up for not only the blog, but the advancement of season designs and the brand as a whole.

thanks for all the encouraging words from our friends, family and all-around loved ones this past week for helping us get over this hoe'ish-hump. we won't disappoint once the ball gets rolling. we on some Phonte shit, the way we see it, as long as we don't blow -- each and every year, we'll be the next big thing.

don't give up on us yet.

thIIIrd krew.

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