Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Tenderloin Project

Growing up in San Francisco you get to witness some pretty fascinating and grueling things during your time here. Some good and some bad, some memorable and some not so much. But one thing you'll never forget about San Francisco, whether you're born and raised here (like myself) or just passing through, is the homeless problem we have. The visuals you can witness in a matter of seconds walking out of your front door can be enough to make you want to cry...or vomit depending on how strong of a stomach you have. Anyway, my homies over at Black Scale are in collaboration with The Tenderloin Project to try and make proceeds to give back to these struggling individuals and then some.

Shout out to Mega and Dae over at Black Scale by the way.

The Tenderloin Project x Black Scale from Sean Desmond on Vimeo.

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