Thursday, August 13, 2009

J. Cole = A Breath of Fresh Air

This up and coming MC out of North Carolina is mad dope. Now that's a bold statement coming from me because as an MC myself I'm mad critical of other MC's work. So I only give praise when praise is due. Well today I ran across J. Cole's music profile somewhere online. I can't remember where exactly but thanks to that blog for putting me on this cat. I read several reply's about his mixtapes and he was being highly praised. So as always, before I start "hatin'", I did my research on son. And the conclusion I've come up with is that son is mad nice. I have no complaints thus far. So as far as I'm concerned he's on his JOB. He gets two thumbs up from me.

He has two mixtapes out right now for free download; The Come Up and The Warm Up which dropped about 2 months ago. Both of which you can listen to on before you decide to download. Which I highly recommend you do if you're Jonesin' for a breath of fresh air.

And shout out to BBGun for directing this dope music video. Keep doing yo thang kid!!!

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