Saturday, December 6, 2008

Technicolor Candy.

Greetings World, thIIIrd supporters&loyalists, family, friends, and free-trafficking guests, we'd like for you to meet Rameen Gasery.

(click on image to visit his myspace)

We were introduced to this man one night out, as he was standing outside of one of the local nightspots we frequent, snapping off photos. But you must understand, when we say, "snapping off photos" -- we don't mean some '7.1 megapixel, Sony Cybershot, point-n-shoot' nonsense. Oh no, the man had Digital SLR in one hand, flash in the other. Taking advantages of angles, lighting, the ambiance. Everything a photographer is supposed to do, he was doing that, AND MORE.

So, we figured with the '09 Spring Collection right around the corner, might as well network for a photographer for the lookbook.

Which is exactly what we did, and we definitely look forward to working with such an esteemed, abeyant photographer with the wherewithal to effectively get across not only a dope lookbook, but an underlying message within the brand.

In any result, this post was to introduce you to the man, and inform you about "Technicolor Candy" -- a two-part photography exhibit featuring 'Meen's work:

It's gonna be quite the show.

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